Monday, September 15, 2014

150914-The Road to Regionals

First day of training since the X45 competition 2 weeks ago. Very excited to get my new program started. Here we go....

1) Back Squats;
1X Exceed 1RM
*Rest 3 minutes on sets of singles

Being conservative and took 150kg as my current 1RM.
1X127.5kg (Felt surprisingly good)
1X135kg (Wore a belt just in case. Very solid squat)
1X150kg (Solid squat, a little struggle on the way up. I have not squat this weight in over 6 months)
1X165kg (f) (Mentally lost before I started. Tried to visualize the lift but had a few thoughts of getting stuck at the bottom, may have been over ambitious but I believe it is do-able)

2) Weighted Pull Ups;
3 Reps
2 Reps
1 Reps
1 RM
Exceed 1 RM
(Optional) Exceed New 1RM

1X44kg (I think chin did not make it pass the bar)

3) Max. Reps. Back Squats@85% of today's 1RM

6 Reps (Mentally had prepared to do 5 reps. Could have pushed for 7 but felt that my core and back had lost tension on the 6th rep.

4) EMOM until you cannot complete the round for that minute.
 6 Power Cleans @ 185lbs/84kg
12 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

Completed 6 Power Cleans in 45 seconds. Finished the 1st round at 1:31.

Cleans rep scheme : 3 unbroken then singles
Pull ups rep scheme : 5-3-2-2

After the first set of cleans not very sure why I could not maintain the unbroken reps. Just force of habit I believe. Need work on hanging onto the bar.

Lost the butterfly rhythm after the first set of 5 pull ups. Changed to the kipping rhythm. The pull up bars are generally thicker in my box. Using standard rogue rigs I have managed over 20 unbroken CTB butterfly pull ups. Still need more work in this area as well. Also a force of habit to let go of the bar before the "pump"kicks in.

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