Monday, September 15, 2014

150914-The Road to Regionals

First day of training since the X45 competition 2 weeks ago. Very excited to get my new program started. Here we go....

1) Back Squats;
1X Exceed 1RM
*Rest 3 minutes on sets of singles

Being conservative and took 150kg as my current 1RM.
1X127.5kg (Felt surprisingly good)
1X135kg (Wore a belt just in case. Very solid squat)
1X150kg (Solid squat, a little struggle on the way up. I have not squat this weight in over 6 months)
1X165kg (f) (Mentally lost before I started. Tried to visualize the lift but had a few thoughts of getting stuck at the bottom, may have been over ambitious but I believe it is do-able)

2) Weighted Pull Ups;
3 Reps
2 Reps
1 Reps
1 RM
Exceed 1 RM
(Optional) Exceed New 1RM

1X44kg (I think chin did not make it pass the bar)

3) Max. Reps. Back Squats@85% of today's 1RM

6 Reps (Mentally had prepared to do 5 reps. Could have pushed for 7 but felt that my core and back had lost tension on the 6th rep.

4) EMOM until you cannot complete the round for that minute.
 6 Power Cleans @ 185lbs/84kg
12 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

Completed 6 Power Cleans in 45 seconds. Finished the 1st round at 1:31.

Cleans rep scheme : 3 unbroken then singles
Pull ups rep scheme : 5-3-2-2

After the first set of cleans not very sure why I could not maintain the unbroken reps. Just force of habit I believe. Need work on hanging onto the bar.

Lost the butterfly rhythm after the first set of 5 pull ups. Changed to the kipping rhythm. The pull up bars are generally thicker in my box. Using standard rogue rigs I have managed over 20 unbroken CTB butterfly pull ups. Still need more work in this area as well. Also a force of habit to let go of the bar before the "pump"kicks in.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013




2 X 60kg

  • Focusing on Lats activation (Shou Bei)
  • Left knee aching (inflammation)
  • Hit the pubic bone a little bit on the 2nd snatch
  • First time lifting with belt to protect my back. Not comfortable.
75kg 1
  • Too much thinking
  • Left knee feeling the inflammation
  • speed under feels good. Feels natural
  • Extension not good. Feels like not enough extension.
75kg 2
  • Pey told me "Bu Su Fu"
75kg 3
  • Feels Good
  • Receive feels loose. Need to be strong and tighten up.
  • Feels that right leg is receiving the weight more. Maybe to compensate for knee pain?
78kg 1
  • Focusing on Lat Activation (Shou Bei)
  • I feel like I don't know what or how I am suppose to feel for my Lats Activation. What am I suppose to feel?
  • JW showed me video of Lu Xiao Jun at 2009 snatch 170kg. He looks very "Su Fu"
  • I feel very inspired
78kg 2
  • I feel that I am going too low unnecessarily
  • Maybe too fast? I think I was too excited from watching the video.
  • Watched video of Lu Xiao Jun snatching world record at 174kg at 2009 world championship
78kg 3
  • Feel slow
Best Snatch 78kg 4
  • Feel very good
  • Feels very smooth and light. No effort from arms and all hip drive
  • Receive felt very good
  • I think I became too excited that it felt good that I didn't focus on the standing
Best snatch 80kg
  • Feels very good
  • I think I became lazy to stand because the snatch felt very good
  • I feel that I am receiving too low for no reason. Need to feel the depth that I require
  • Wider foot stance and "knees in" to prevent too much external rotation
  • Receive soft
  • Did not feel explosive
  • Need to go as low as required. Still too low
No Good 86kg
  • Mentally not focus
No Good 86kg
  • Hit pubic bone
  • Bar feels slow
  • I feel that my body movement speed is good but bar not fast. Went under with good speed.

First Pull;

  • Feels very light
  • Can feel left knee have too much external rotatino
  • focusing on lats activation (Shou Bei)
  • tried wider stance to prevent knee external rotation
  • 1st rep feels slow and heavy
  • 2nd rep backside feels too high
  • 3rd feel better
105kg 2
  • 2nd rep the butt feels high
  • better than previous set
  • 1st rep feels tense (arms)
110kg 1
  • 1st rep butt went up first
  • 2nd rep arms is tense. No lats activation
  • 3rd focus on lats activation and relax arms
110kg 2

  • 1st rep butt went up first
  • shoulder drop. no more lat activation
  • JW spotted and mention backside high and shoulder drop need to activate more lats
105kg 3
  • Very bad
  • Butt up first for all 3 reps
  • lats not activated
  • No good
  • feel tired and not comfortable

Worm practice

Outlaw WOD 130618
2 mins ME MU
6 mins AMRAP;
50 DU
15 Burpees
2 mins ME MU

2R+50,10/11 MU



Bench Press

3 X 65kg
3 X 75kg
5 X 85kg



Front Squat

3 X 82.5kg
3 X 92.5kg
8 X 105kg


3 X 125kg
3 X 145kg
10 X 162.5kg


Tuesday, June 11, 2013



Snatch off the blocks

Worked up to 85kg. Focus more on;
- driving through the heels and use the hips.
- 2nd pull acceleration
- Receive STRONG

Cycle 3 Week 2

3 X 45kg
3 X 50kg
5 X 57.5kg

OutlawWOD 130611

150 Burpees for time




Cycle 3 Week 2;


3 X 100kg
3 X 115kg
11 X 130kg

12 mins to establish a Push Press 1RM


Outlaw WOD 130610;

3 Rounds FTO:
Run 400m
KB Swing @ 24kg
Pull Ups

11:52 (Row 500m sub Run)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013



HB Back Squat


Front Squat