Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back to reality

I am now back in uni for my third and final year. After having one of the most awesome summer's, it hit me really hard that I am back in reality and now it's time to work. The pass two days I have been having meetings after meetings with several lecturers trying to convince them why I would be a good person to undertake their projects. I've already been rejected by 7 different projects. Mainly becausse all the projects I want to undertak are all sports projects and belongs to the sports technlogy students. Hence it is much more difficult for me to obtain the project I wish to do.

I finally realised over this pass two days that I do not wish to become an engineer. I much prefer to do something along the lines of sports and hopefully that is the case. I mean I am only 20 years old. People tell me I am so young to be in love, I have lots of time, etc. People say we should enjoy life while we are young. Yet we are expected to know what we want to do for our career. How did you know what you wanted to do while you were studying?

Seeing how I have had lots to think about my career, studies and rejections for my projects I decided to take them out on my WODs. So yesterday I did;

WOD 092509


Handstand push ups
L-Pull Ups

Total time 22 mins 37 seconds.

Before I began this workout, I told myself that it was time to improve on my range for my Handstand pushups. So I decided to make sure that every HSPU my head will touch the mat. The mat was 4 times folded so it was failry thick but it was defintiely lower than the range that I normally would have done my HSPU at. I will continue to strive to have a full range of head to floor by years end.

Todays WOD:

WOD 092309

Run 400m
50 Pull ups
Run 400m
50 Push ups
Run 400m
50 Sit ups
Run 400m
50 Squats

Total time 26 mins 28 secs

This workout was particularly difficult on the run. I think it might have something to do with the temperature difference in Malaysia and in UK. I am probably no use to it yet. It was quite a challenging workout where the first 400m and 50 pull ups took me 10 mins to complete. My pull ups are still weak. There is still room for lots of improvement.

My aim and WOD for tmw is to do a strength workout. Hopefully Search and Rescue.

Lastly, Paleo diet starts tomorrow and would have started already for ym Paleo Pals. So keep it up and no excuses you all. Support each other in any and every way. It is not so hard in the end. If the cave people could do it why not us right?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Paleo Pledge


Name : Jonson Tan Cheng Sang

Age : 20 years old

Gender : Male

Country of Origin : Malaysia

Gym : Pushmore Malaysia

Favourite saying : 1) There is no such thing as DNF!!! 2) It's not about time, it's about the form.

Pledge : I, Jonson Tan Cheng Sang, hereby publicly proclaim that I will commit to my Paleo diet and will not DNF. Penalty for DNF from Paleo diet shall be diciplined by means of final decision of fellow Pushmore Malaysia members.

Commencement Date : October 1st 2009

End date : October 31st 2009

Too long a break...

Today (28/9/09) I did my first WOD since last Tuesday (22/9/09). These 6 days have been my longest break ever for the whole summer from doing a WOD. This is what I did;


5 Rounds:

20 Pull ups
40 Push ups
60 Squats

Total time 39 mins 20 secs

*Pull ups (CTB, strict)
Push ups (CTF)

Upon completion of "Candy" I was absolutely smashed. I believe this was due to several factors;

1) Irregular rest days between WODs
2) I just had lunch about an hour before doing the WOD
3) I was snacking on peanut brittle biscuits until I read Sze Ning's twitter post "When you complete Candy post up your time!" I immediately changed and started the WOD.
4) No warm up

In 2 days time, I am going to start the Paleo diet with my fellow Pushmore-mons. I have to dicipline myself from today onwards to keep up with the WODs and to dicipline myself for Paleo. For those who are wondering what is the Paleo diet here is the link "". If you are considering about doing this, stop considering and just do it. Post up your daily meals and activities on my blog or on twitter. Keep a diary and just push it. It is only 30 days of your entire 80 plus years of life what's so hard?

Get ready, the count down to Paleo is on...3 days left...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a long rest...

3 days without a WOD. I am bloody deprived and I can feel my muscles deteorirating already =(

Last day with Pushmore-mons.... For now

As I sit here staring at this empty page and wonder what am I to write to update my blog. I can see the tab beside my blog that reads "Twitter". It reminds me of the day that Karen had convinced me that I was young and outdated and that I had to learn from the wise and updated =)

Twitter! Such a great tool for keeping me up to date with all my fellow Pushmore-mons. I miss each and everyone of them. Feeling a little sad and emo-ish about how much I miss them. I start to think about what a wonderful night/party they had thrown for my brother and Mei Ting and myself as a farewell.

The last day at Pushmore for now:

"The brothers of Pushmore"

For time:
300 Tyre Flips
300 Ring Dips
300 Pull Ups
300 Dumbell split clean @ 40lbs
300 Handstand push ups


*300 reps split between team mates. If one section is completed sooner, help your fellow team mate in another section.

Total time = 35 mins 23 secs (I can't remember the seconds)

"Dirty Thirty"

For time:

30 Box jumps @ 24"
30 L-pullups
30 KB swings @ 16kg
30 Walking Lunges
30 Knees-to-Elbow
30 Shoulder press
30 Unanchored Situps
30 Burpees
30m Sprints
30 Deadlifts

Great workout to end a great summer at Pushmore, doing a workout with the beasts of Pushmore.

I have come to realize early in the summer that Pushmore is like a home to many of us and its members is its family. I practically lived half the day in Pushmore and the other half out of Pushmore hanging out with my fellow Pushmore-mons.

One thing I know for sure is that, Pushmore is my family because they have supported me through all my workouts. Even a total stranger in the gym would encourage you to push hard and strong so long as you do not DNF. I definitely have grown stronger both mentally and physically this summer. So to the family, I miss you all very much and I look forward to heading back to KL to bang out more WODs =)

La Familia

P.S. Let me know what Pushmore means to you =)

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce the one the only.... Jason Tan!!!

A speech about Crossfitting =)

*I will put the video in when I get back to UK because internet too slow =(*

Before and After

I created this blog for several reasons:

1) To serve as a fitness journal for myself.
2) To let my friends and family know what I have been up to.
3) To prove that I can participate in such activities. (In case I grow obese one day) =)
4) For the enjoyment of everyone who is interested.

So let us begin with how I once use to be a fat young boy who loved food and could always eat non-stop. As a young lad I would barely ever touch sweets, chocolates, confectioneries, ice-creams, pastries, cheese, most junk foods. Yet amongst my three siblings and myself I was the chubbiest bubba around. This was because of a terrible habit of making sure that I had and probably still have. I had the tendency to consume everything and anything on my plate whether it was tasty or not. At my peak I was 97kg at the age of 15 to 16 years old.

I remember in the good ol' days when I would go to Penang with my family and visit my cousins. Seeing as my uncle is the GM of a resort there, they lived in the hotel itself. Hence majority of the nights we would it at the club house which was usually buffet. When I was 14 or 15, I remember my cousins challenging me to see how much I could eat. The end results, 2 plates of apps, 7 (SEVEN) main course [very full and piled plate], 2 rounds of deserts and 6 scoops of ice-cream. I would never forget that night because I had eaten so much that I felt like puking and I couldn't sleep due to indigestion. To think back to that night, I still can't believe that I was once that chubby kid.

Now I weigh at a fluctuating 83kg, definitely a huge difference. I started to lose weight as I grew up but I never did much sports. My main sport in high school was basketball and I played for both the under 15 and under 18 team. That was the only exercise I ever got each week.

When I started college, I met a group of friends which I knew from that moment on that they were going to be my friends for life. The guys within this group of friends were well fit and all of them had abs and played at least three different sports regularly and they hit the gym. Amongst them was a distant cousin of mine whose chest was so buff that I keep thinking he was a brick wall. It was with this group of friends whom had convinced me to join a gym. My first gym I joined was Fitness First next to HELP university college. I would hit them gym about 3 times a week but with no results in the end. Then I begin to get demoralised and slowly and surely I begin to detest hitting the gym.

at the age of 18

Despite the lack of gymming, I started to appreciate and enjoy the many sports that they played and I begin to loved playing every kind of sport out there whether I was good at it or not. This led me to choose to study in Loughborough University, UK. Loughborough uni is a sports uni hence it is like a second home to me. I would be playing sports at the least 5 days a week and I would hit the gym at least twice a week. After spending a year there very minute results showed for all my effort.

The first summer I returned from UK I met up with a beloved brother of mine known as QN King. It was he who first introduce me to crossfitting. I remember the very first day I attended Pushmore. King came to pick me up from my house and he was telling me how different this gym was and it will not be like anything I have seen or tried before. I remember when I was sitting in his car I said:

Me : "What kind of workouts do you do there?"

King : "Just the other day we were doing a workout where we work in a team of 3 people and we lift my kelissa."

Me : "OH! (in utter shock), sounds interesting."

King : "We flip a big ass tyre around and we use kettlebells."

Me : "what are kettlebells?"

King : "Big ass balls!"

Me : "*silence* (I killed the conversation)"

When we reached pushmore and I walked in, the first thing I saw was people sweating their asses off as though they were gonna pass out. I filled in the 'new comers' form and went in and sat at the table looking totally lost. JW (Trainer adn CEO of Pushmore) thought me how to get through the warmup which was something along the lines of

10 shuttle runs (i.e. run 400m)

I remember after completing the warm up I was thinking, how can anyone do workouts after this? I was absolutely shattered and along comes JW asking :

JW : "ready to start the workout?"

Me : "you got to be kdding! but ok"

*enters King and his big mouth*

King : "All new comers have to do Cindy first before doing anything else."

Me : "Who is Cindy?"

Hence My first workout ever in Pushmore was "Cindy".

20 mins AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

My result : 8rounds + ....

I was pretty proud of myself seeing as I managed to do pullups with a green + blue band and pushups with no assistance.

I thought "Okay i'm now absolutely knackered and there is no way I can move off this chair now". Along comes my brotheren King saying "Are you ready for today's workout?"

Sitting there I was thinking "You must be totally out of your mind to think I can even move." But being the naive lil' kid I said "OKAY!"

Hence this led to my first ever WOD in Pushmore: 5 rounds of max reps strict presses.

After such an eventful evening I didn't return to Pushmore for a week or two. A year later after inconsistant training, I return back to Pushmore this was what I looked two and a half months ago >

2 and a half months ago

can see the tummy? I'm sucking in.

This has what Pushmore and crossfit training has done to me >

Not too bad right?

Basically this post was for the benefit of those who wanted to see before and after shots of me. I have some good fat photos somewhere in UK but I can only do that when I get back so some time this coming week ok?

I wanted to end this post with thanks to some very special people.

My parents, who have always supported me no matter what.

King, who introduced me to Pushmore which has changed my life.

Pushmore and all its staff, who have guided me and given me knowledge about technique and rest.

The pushmore family, friends and strangers who supported me through all my workouts even though I was dying half way. Till this day I can say I have no known records of DNF! Let's keep it that way.

Jonathan Wong, for introducing me to very exciting and insane workouts.

The Oei brothers who I look to for inspiration and nutty workouts which I can't refuse.

Edmund Tan, the robot of Pushmore that everyone aims for.

Ow Hsien Loong, who cursed me about a year or two years ago to be forever fat. That has stuck in my head and has pushed me beyond my limits.

Everyone else who has made my summer the best summer I had.

I love you all soooo dearly and will miss the workouts, the nom noms, the drinkings and most importantly... the laughter we shared =)